Mayor Funk honors Endless Boundless

Klumzooka and the Porous Jenko waited patiently for the City Council Meeting to start. American bison, corn, trains, planes and wheat of brass towered over us. Did you know that Kansas City, Missouri was incorporated in 1853? Or that City Hall harbors a tiny art gallery?

Olivia, Genevieve and Emily Sloan accompanied us to City Hall to receive an award from Mayor Funkhouser. Thursday, August 19, the city recognized Endless Boundless as an outstanding summer program for KC youth. We shook hands with the big wigs, posed with big certificates and are excited to distribute certificates to all our Summer 2010 students!

We couldn't be more proud of our students and our community. It's important to us that we be able to work alongside inspirational folks (that's you) to learn about ecosystems and symbiotic relationships, create a new world where everything/one is interconnected and work in a supportive classroom community. We want to sustain this work and keep it all free of charge for students. A little recognition from our fair city won't hurt that! Big thank-yous to Kansas City.

Please excuse the sorry cell phone pictures; more legible photos to come!

A Big "Thank You!" from Endless Boundless

Whew! That was fun!

Thanks again for coming out this evening to see what our creative group of young artists/scientists worked on this summer. Your support is invaluable to our vision.

We noticed a lot of flashes going off at the show and now shamelessly request links or emails with any Endless Boundless pictures you or anyone you know took. :) We'd like to get a gallery up on our blog so we can all share what we've learned/created/discovered//etc.!

Definitely keep in touch with us regarding our fall session--as soon as we get some details nailed down we can get back to the eternal journey of exploration. Additionally, if we still have your creature and you want to take it home, contact us so we can meet up.

Now take a breath, pat yourselves on the back, and get some much-deserved rest next Saturday!

Thrilled and inspired,
-Endless Boundless
--Tomomi, Brooke, Audrey

Here is Mother Kapok, a goddess with a plan,
She wants to build a whole new world upon a fertile land.
It's no small matter starting up a bountiful creation,
Luckily she has the means, plus wild imagination.

First she plants a tree, who stands tall, though quite alone,
Without a soul about, who’d want that for a home?
Mother Kapok doesn’t want the mood so dull and dark,
So she invites some rays of light to add that needed spark.

The Sun God replies quickly with such powerful rays,
To the tree it seems the night disappears for days.
She dozes off as branches sag and thirst is quenched down deep
Until a startling thunder clap rouses her from sleep.

It’s the Storm God approaching as a mighty cloud,
With lightening flashes and booms crashing loud.
Black skies thicken as the pounding rain drops down,
Water soaks and seeps, nourishing the ground.

A slimy sluggy sort appears, whose trail is rather sticky,
A messy friend to start with, but trees cannot be picky.
The Greater Glooper leaves behind a potent little trap,
The bugs that don’t escape the goo make a tasty snack.